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​Heaven for normal to dry skin- This is a moisture rich cleanser that removes impurities and debris without stripping the skin of the natural skin oils. This will not dry out the skin.



Ideal for sensitive  skin conditions, Rosacea, laser and chemically treated skin- A mild, gentle, and effective cleanser for pre and post laser as well as chemical peel resurfacing. soothes and protects.


Purifying Cleanser

This is a gentle yet effective, non-abrasive, alpha-hydroxyl exfoliating cleanser. The new technology using AHA polymers results in less skin irratation. The addition of Beta-Hydroxy acid polymer helps clear the skin of blemishes.



A cleanser for all skin types to be used 1 to 4 times a week depending on skin sensitivity. (Use sparingly on sensitive conditions.) It is best to use at night. an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) cleanser with enzymes t remove impurities ad debris, while softening and exfoliating, it contains no SLS or harsh detergents.





Berry Detox Exfoliating Scrub

This exfoliant can be used once or twice a week for aggressive exfoliation of the skin.


Blueberry Scrub

This exfoliant contains powerful antioxidants and is a finer polish than the Berry Detox. It can be used once or twice a week for exfoliation of the skin.


Berry Intense Enzyme Mask

This mask is exfoliating, hydrating and loaded with powerful antioxidants. Apply to face and leave on for 5 to 20 minutes, rinse off with warm water. Is very active and may sting.


Silkening Skin Polish

This is a combination mask/scrub that gently exfoliates and softens, especially rough and dry skin. To use apply a cake-icing thick layer to skin after cleansing and leave on for 5-15 mins then rub with water in a circular motion to activate the jojoba beads to scrub and exfoliate the skin.




Oxygen Toner

For all skin types, the aminoguanidine smoothes and softens the skin while the hamamelis and hazelnut extracts flush dirt and impurities from the pores. This toner will repair free-radical skin damage.


Hydrating Citrus Toner

Dry skin needs this toner


5% Glycolic Toner

Use after cleansing, during the day, in the evening and after exercise.


Purifying Toner

For acne/oily skin, the AHA's decongest pores, help prevent blemishes, purifies and controls oil. Contains phenyl butyl nitrone and beta-carotene which are proven as antioxidant protection.


Mild Purifying Toner

Combination/Acne or Oily skin that is more sensitive or less severe. Same ingredients as Purifying Toner, however not as strong and can be used for normal skin types.


Treatment Creams & Gels


Firming Peptide

Peptide lotion has added 3 new peptides to enhance the speed and effectiveness of the skin nutrition. Noticeable results can be seen with the protocol in as little as 3 days!! Continual use of the product shows results on wrinles and age spots. This is an ideal anti-aging and toning (firming) treatment. Smooth over skin after cleansing and toning, and before sunscreen. Let it absorb into the skin. Use as a day or night time moisturizer. This product will firm and tone skin as well as build collagen.


Mega Firming Peptide

This formula has all the ingredients of the Firming Peptide lotion with the addition of DMAE and Alpha Lipoic acid, 3%  of each. DMAE gives greater firming (tone) to the skin and Alpha Lipoic acid is a more powerful antioxidant mg per mg than vitamin C. The fragrance of Mega Firming Peptide Lotion is heavier to conceal the fishy odor of DMAE. Same usage as Firming Peptide Lotion.


Mega Firming Face Lift

The ULTIMATE cream for firming, smoothing, and toning skin.


Intense Hyaluronic Serum

This is a treatment product for dehydrated skin that contains the most powerful hydrating ingredients. It is so hydrating to the sin it may only be needed once or twice a week after the initial treatment. To be used any time alone or in combination with any other creams.


Alpha Rich Cell Repair

This moisturizer is heaven for dry skin. It restores smoothness while nourishing and protecting the skin. It softens the visible signs of aging. Best used at night before bed.


Oxygen Rich Moisture Repair

A superior antioxidant treatment cream this moisturizes dry, flaky and damaged skin. Excellent for sensitive and rosacea skin conditions. It is also good for post laser and chemical treatments.


Calming peptide for Toxic Skin

This is a powerful anti-inflammatory lotion. It will help even cystic acne improve. New bioactive peptides have even improved the product to a greater degree than the older formula. These peptides now have the capability to heal acne scarring with the proper protocol. To use, smooth over clean skin during the day and at bedtime to reduce acne blemishes, even cystic acne.


Acne Skin Gel

This is the perfect moisturizer for oily or acne skin. It is a non-oily gel that provides moisture and protects the skin against blemishes while softening the skin. Apply day and night after recommended serums.


Specialty Treatment Creams


Mega Repair Cream

A superior anti-oxidant treatment cream, this will moisturize dry,flaky, and damaged skin and will promote rapid healing to injured skin. Its active properties give a boost to the immune function to regenerate and increase cell turnover. It can be applied over to boost other treatment creams and will also help plump and firm the skin and lips. Because of its anti-microbial properties, it will assist in the reduction of  perspiration and body odor. Apply anytime of the day.


Corrective Scar Cream

This is a very powerful treatment. The ingredients stimulate the regenerative immune function to increase cell turn over and replace dense scar tissue with new, normal skin. To be used day and night after serums have been applied.


Blemish Vanish

Very potent spot treatment for acne blemishes, apply one drop on blemish at first sight of outbreak.


Kojic Skin Lightening Lotion

This is the most powerful skin lightening agent known. It contains no Hydroquinone, and thus is 100% non-toxic. Apply a small amount to dark spots at bedtime. Do not apply any other products for at least two hours following.


Eye Treatments


24kt Eye Repair

This product has the costliest ingredients that really work to remove dark circles and puffy rings around the eyes. It will also reduce fine lines around the eyes when applied one hour before bedtime. Apply a small amount with the ring finger to the area around the eye and the eyelids. Be gentle and do not tug at the delicate eye tissue.


Firming Eye Cream

Smoothes and firms the delicate tissue around the eyes. Use the same as 24kt Eye Repair


Ultra Firming Eye Repair

Extremely hydrating cream repirs connective tissue and stimulates collagen and elastin. It also restructures cells and stimulates lash growth. Use day and night.


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